Buffalo Canoes

Does anyone own a Buffalo canoe, or has anyone paddled one? There are no reviews posted, but I am interested in their 17’6" model for use in the Everglades with a small outboard.

paddled a 16’ and a 17’ on a couple different trips in the Ozarks. If you know the Blue Hole company - then you are familiar with the OCA and OCV style boats. The 16 and 17 Buffalo remind me of them - a boat that is up for just about anything. Not too fast (but faster than a coleman or alumabomber), stable, tracking is more geared for rivers, well made, heavy, and pretty cheap for royalex. You can get a really good deal on them in the fall, when he still has rentals and closeouts. Let me know if you have any more questions.

We stopped and talked to the builders
In Arkansas. The boats are tough and well built. I haven’t paddled one, but since you are looking at motorizing anyway, I think it would be a good candidate.

Great Boats !!
I have one and love it, I put a 30 trolling motor on mine and goes well. I have been in a many of a kind and would pick the Buffalo over all. Tough boats.

Haven’t Paddled One, But…
…seeing them in use with canoe liveries more and more here in MO. Sloopsailor and I inspected them and talked with a representative of the company a few weeks ago. Looks well made. The 16’ is from the same mold as the bombproof old Blue Hole OCA. Price also very reasonable due to the small “Overhead” the company has. WW