buffalo canoes

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has anyone had any experiece or feedback about buffalo canoes?


Never owned one …

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But I have looked them over closely.
They are built like battleships.
Remind me of a cheaper version of an old Blue Hole canoe. I'm not so sure that they aren't "real close" to being copies of Blue Holes.

Have noticed quite a few canoe liveries are starting to buy them. That should tell you something........

Wouldn't even consider trying to load one of their 17 foot tandems on the canoe rack on my truck without assistance.

Their 17 foot Royalex tandem is listed(2005 C & K Buyer's Guide) at 85 lbs., and I believe that it's every ounce of that!


is there any place
that has better photos and/or info on buffalo canoes that you know of? I spoke with someone from the company and she said the website is at least a year old and she wasn’t knowledgeable on the specs of the boats so I didn’t get ver far, but I did look around and find these boats at several places to rent- unfortunately none near me.

Go to …
Go to the arkansas canoe club website; ask the same questions you’ve asked here.

I know for a fact that there are several people there who own, and are fairly knowledgeable about Buffalo canoes.

I think there is a Buffalo canoe dealership near the Buffalo river, but can’t remember the name of the town where they’re located.


Jasper, AR Isn’t It?
Nice people and as Bob said, very substantially built, but heavy. Never paddled one, but the guys from the factory told me the 16’ is made from the same molds of the old Blue Hole OCA and I HAVE paddled one of them. The Blue Hole OCA is a decent river boat that is a pain in the keester in a headwind. Will haul a lot of gear, fairly good stability, turns well for an almost 16’ boat and just a decent all-arround river boat but nothing special IMHO. If you “Click” on each individual model it has the specs. Here’s the links to three. You can try one at Aker’s on the Current, they’ve been buying them the last few years.





Buffalo Canoe
My wife and I were just out in a Buffalo 16 this past weekend with the Outdoor Rec group from Vanderbilt University. Vandy uses the OT Discovery 169 for its “basic” canoe trips and adds in a Buffalo from its inventory if there are more people. As someone said, the Buffalo is a battleship but the weight is actually close to the 169. The Buffalo will “draw” and “sweep” and handle rapids very well (within its limits). Great canoe for rocky and sometimes shallow rivers such as Tennessee.

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Buffalo canoes
"WildernessWebb" is right they are made in jasper Arkansas. Lots of canoe outfitters use them here in AR as they are sturdy canoes and will withstand the abuse metted out by renters on our rocky Arkansas rivers.

The Buffalo
is used by a lot of canoe liveries in AR, OK and TX because it is a tough boat and a super value for the money. It is heavy at around 80lbs, but handles like a much lighter boat. If you want a tandem expedition boat that will carry a good load and handle whitewater, its worth a look. I think you can still drive up there Jasper and pick it up. That way you can take it for a shake down cruise on Big Piney Creek on the way home.

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Correction to post
Sorry, I was thinking of the Buffalo 17. The Buffalo 16 (which we paddled) is actually about 70 lbs as opposed to the 169 at 85 lbs.

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how much
rocker do they have? it’s hard to tell from the pictures on their site, but it does look as if the ends flare up a bit?

Buffalo rocker
According to their specs, only the 16’ has any rocker at 2.5".


I didn’t see that
could you send me the link to where you found that, thanks

buffalo canoes
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