Buffalo River April 26-28

Forming a party to paddle the upper parts of the Buffalo. So far, two solo canoes. Class 2 water.

Wish I could join you, but I fear I just can’t spare the days. If you really want company you’ll be more likely to get it by posting on the Arkansas Canoe Club message board. It’s at 3.94 right now and the only rain forecast is for the first of this week so you may or may not have enough water.

Sorry I can’t join you as I won’t be able to get down there before the 27th or 28th. See you at the North Fork

Still coming…
In Ohio tonight, should pick up the Sandpiper on Wednesday, heading for Jasper on Friday - meet up Saturday night or Sunday morning, I have your numbers, Pete.


I Wish
Heck, the main Rendezvous is still in doubt for me now?

I’ll see you there.

Hope y’all have a ball!
Pretty well impossible not to on the Buff.

And after Terry?
Are you up for a day or two on the Current after the 'Vous? I would like to hope so.


Hope So, Brad
I will at least show up at the Rendezvous for a few days. Paddling still up in the air as I have been battling pneumonia for a month now. Hoping things improve soon?