Buffalo River, AR

Just returned from a 31 mile trip down a section of the Buffalo River in the northern Arkansas, near the Ozarks. I’ve done this trip several times, it is amazing and just keeps enticing me back. Off the grid, beautiful, not busy, camping on the shore, amazing emerald water, such an escape.

It’s worth checking out.


We do about 35 miles every May. This year we went from Tyler Bend to Rush, next year, it will be Dillards Ferry to either Buffalo City or Shipps Ferry on the White, depending on the power generation schedule on the White. Great weather and water this year!

Never paddled the Buffalo when it was turquoise… Always brown and running hard. I have paddled it three times from Ponca to Rush or Buffalo City and always always had to work to slow down. Last trip was four days and over 100 miles. I do love the cliffs. Maybe one day I will hit that gentle river; not the one I see that wants to wap you into willows!

One of the great canoe trips in the central US. I always was interested in paddling the Buffalo River but now it is too late.

I was moving pretty good before Memorial Day, but it had not rained hard for about a week, so we had the great water and good push. In the last 10 or so years we have only hit it chocolaty once.