Is anyone going to be paddling the Buffalo national River in Arkansas this coming weekend of memorial weekend 2021 ?

Not I, but I am sure you will have lots of company.

You have got to be kidding??? Avoid major holidays like the plague.


Kayakhank and I are in total agreement.

I would not paddle the Buffalo on any major holiday either. Not even if someone paid for all my food, gas, and camp ground fees.
The noise, and the aggravation, created by drunks on the river, and in the campgrounds is too high a cost to pay.

I used to think drunks with little to no canoeing skills were great entertainment ,but too many are obnoxious trouble makers. And they often travel in packs, and are looking for a fight.

Any weekday when the water level is up is great!
Beautiful river, and a lot more beautiful when it’s quiet.


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One of the great rivers to paddle that is not in the West. Depending on the flow, I would choose weekdays in the fall when it is quiet, or maybe the spring. Memorial Day is the right time to stay home.

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We went from Ponca to Carver the 13th - 16th and had a great time. No way I would be up there this weekend. The camp areas will be jammed and canoe campsites along the river will be loaded too.