Buffalo River float

My boyfriend and I are floating in the Buffalo River this Saturday May 29,2021 .
We no float BAKER FORD to GILBERT . Is anyone else going to be on the Buffalo River this weekend ?? How much CF/S is safe ??

Which Buffalo River? There are streams that name in many states.

Baker Ford and Gilbert are access points on the Buffalo National River in north central Arkansas.

I floated the Buffalo quite a few years back. Beautiful area. Lots of caves and waterfalls.
The first day, there were a bunch of college students, in rented canoes, and we ended up having to help several that flipped. The Buffalo is just tricky enough to give inexperienced paddlers some problems.
It was already a bit high when we put in and the first night it started raining and the river came up. We ended up getting off early because it was starting to get a little hairy for us too.

Hope the OP had a good time. That section is probably the least demanding on the river.

Yes … we float Baker Ford to Gilbert several times a year

The lower end from St Joe down is low but may be OK, but the upper half is real low & boney right now & basically not an enjoyable float.

Oops, timely as usual.