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My favorite part of the river to canoe is the last 23 miles. It is a wilderness area with very few people. This July we camped and fished. It was three days before another canoe passed us. The reason so few people is when you talk about the buffalo it is usually about the upper part. The lower part is more than a day trip and it takes a little planing to get off.The Buffalo goes into the White River and you have to take out on the White. When planning your trip your only told about two ways to take out. One is the public ramp. If the dam up stream on the White River is running water it can be tough trying to paddle up river.Shipps Ferry is down river about 6 miles. What I don't like about it is leaving my car their. It is remote if any one wanted to break into your car no one would be around to stop them. This year I tried Riley's. He charged me twenty dollars to leave my car and take out three canoes. He lives their so I felt better about leaving my car. Riley's toll free telephone number is 888-253-2151 When you get to the end of the Buffalo there is an island called Smith Island paddle to it. Get out and walk your canoe up stream and around it. Then paddle over to Rileys.It is behind the island directly across from the mouth of the Buffalo.

Life's an expedition.


Thanks For That
I have been wanting to do that part of the Buff for years, but haven’t due to the logistics because I have seen the White when they’re releasing water. WW

we used riley’s this past spring. very friendly, and everything secure. even let us use a cabin to get a shower before heading home. very reasonable rates. easy paddle across the white to the take out.


Last year the White was running
hard, trees were in the water and we could not get up that section of the river to the state launch area.

It was tricky enough to ferry across at the precise angle to hit Riley’s. Thank goodness they were there. Even though we were unplanned visitors they were kind enough to shuttle us to our car.

What flow rate on the White
starts to make it difficult to get upstream to the state park launch? I am looking at a Buffalo River overnighter in mid-October. Rush to Buffalo City is one of the options I was considering. I kind of have a feeling for what the guages on the Buffalo indicate, but I have no idea what is high, low, or normal on the White.


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Mark canoe the second week in October and stop in at Yellville it is close to Rush. It is the turkey trot festival. They drop live turkey from planes Friday and Saturday. If you get one you can keep it.

I am not sure
but all the gates were open almost all last summer. Seems there is a reservoir above the dam and if they need to relieve pressure on the dam…they let er rip.

Not like the Buff which is free flowing with fast ups and downs.