Buffalo River

Was wondering what the best paddling stretch of the Buffalo river in Arkansas, preferably for a 3-5 day trip. Looking for best scenery, fishing, and relatively slower water, no waves. Thanks!

best scenery is between
Ponca and Pruitt. However there are rapids -class 2. At low water levels they can snag you and at high water levels the standing waves can be three feet.

Below Pruitt the scenery is still excellent though it flattens out to the Richland Valley. THe Nars (mile 54) is impressive.

If you have a few days put in at Pruitt (rt 7 ) mile 30 of the Buffalo and go down to Rush.(mile 110). Alternate exits are at Buffalo Point (mile 100) and Maumee South (there is a north but that is less accessible I believe).

Stop by the Riverside Tavern in Gilbert (mile 75)

The gentlest section of the river is below Tyler Bend (mile 65 and higher)

Great breakfast in Gilbert!