Buffalo value?

I have found an almost-like-new 16’ Buffalo canoe for sale. The seller wants $600 for the canoe and four aluminum paddles (unknown make). Is this price a little high?

It depends on what your and their interpretation of what “almost-like-new” is. A new one will go for 8 - 900 (I haven’t checked in a while). It’s a fair price if the canoe is as said.

If that is the kind of canoe you want,
you may have to meet his price. But let’s just say that his price is no more than fair.

If I were getting an OT Tripper or a MR Explorer at that price, I might feel better about it. I have a little experience solo and tandem paddling the Blue Hole OCA, very similar to the Buffalo, and the OCA wasn’t much compared to my Tripper.

buffalo canoe
we just sold a 6 year old buffalo for 400.00 … i have had 2 of these boats and they paddle nice and handle well.

600.00 is a decent price ,and you don’t have to pay freight! George

No freight is significant.
Good used royalex canoes are a little hard to come by around here. Lots of Coleman and similar stuff, which I am not interested in. Pretty fair selection of thoroughly beat-up boats (rental rotations) as well…

Seems like, from what I’ve read here, the Buff might be a good boat to have around as a loner when we invite new paddlers along for an easy river or lake trip. Heck - we’re nearly beginners ourselves! Maybe a good option as we continue to shop for that ideal (used) canoe, with the idea of keeping it in the “fleet” after we upgrade? But I was figurin’ $600 was maybe a bit on the high side - maybe not though.

Thanks for the info, folks!