Buffalo vs Current

I am planning a 2-3 day canoe trip for my father and I the weekend of 9/24 - 9/27. Currently I am considering either the Buffalo River or the Current River. Will be my fathers first canoe trip. What are your recommendations. I am in SW Indiana, so I don’t want to drive any farther than the Buffalo. Priorities are 1) Scenery 2) Exciting paddling, enough to make dad worry a little 3) fishing. I am worried that the water levels will keep us off the better portions of the Buffalo, so the Current may be more exciting?? But I think the scenery may be better on the Buffalo?

Sounds like the Upper Buffalo is dry
and you might have to put in at Tyler. Actually Tyler to White River is also quite nice. And yes what is washed out there at higher levels is noticeable at lower levels. There will be some low class 2. I suggest Rileys for takeout on the White. You will have to ferry across the White…

That however is about 65 miles. You might consider putting in at Buffalo Point for less distance.

The Current is of course evener in flow being spring fed. Its still pretty with the caves and low cliffs and clear blue water. Its a tad milder. I dont remember any real rapids when I did it. Only trip I did it in was at highish water. 98 miles in 3 days…was moving.

Tough Call-
Here are pictures of both- Honestly, I prefer the Buffalo for everything you mentioned.But don’t see how you could go wrong with either.








Thanks for the opinions. Leaning toward the buffalo. Called a livery and they stated we would probably have to put in at 65 or Mt. Hersey. Hopefully they get some rain and we can put in a little farther up stream.

If anyone else has anything to offer, keep them coming.



I’m crossing my fingers…
My wife and I are planning our annual fall trip on the Buffalo the exact same weekend. Unless they get some rain in the next few days, looks like we will be putting in way down stream as well. We got lucky last year and were able to float from Ponca to Kyle’s Landing.

Not sure if it matters to you, but I believe the Elk will be starting mating season around then. You might get lucky and catch a look at them in the Boxley Valley or hear them bugling. As you can see in the one picture, I was lucky enough to be floating around a corner and there that little one was. Just laying there on the bank, soaking it all in.

Check out the Eleven Point starting
below Greer Spring. I think you could easily get a two overnighter by going down into Arkansas.

I ran about a dozen miles down from Greer in a dry August, and had enough water in all the shoals. There are official NPS campsites. There’s an outfitter near Greer Springs who will help with shuttle.

The Eleven Point is smaller, more intimate than the Current and lower Buffalo. The huge input of spring water at Greer Spring keeps the river relatively negotiable below there.

I was set on the Buffalo, but after reviewing the current weather forcast for St. Joe, AR, we may be changing plans. Now considering either the Eleven Point or the Jacks Fork. 8 years ago I proposed to my wife of 7 years on the Jacks Fork.