Bug shirts in FL

I will be going to the Blackwater River area next week to paddle; staying at the park. Do I need bug clothing? I have a head net. Not crazy about DEET, but use it anyway, due to WNV.



If you are willing to use the bug spray.
then you don’t need bug clothing.

if you don’t use the spray, or rub on stuff you have two choices:

  1. Use bug proof clothing and head nets
  2. Let them chew on you and suck your blood.

    I prefer the bug spray, and it has worked for me for many moons.

    By the way; which Black Water river. There are several



I don’t think you will find bugs yet
My wife and I paddled part of the Blackwater River on 2/21 with the Western Florida Canoe & Kayak club from Peadon Bridge to Wilderness Camp. There were absolutely no bugs at that time, but there had been a frost that morning as well. This is the cool part of Florida and it may take some warmer conditions to bring on the bugs - if there ever are any there. The landscape appeared well drained and the current moderate; no stagnant water that I saw and not good mosquito habitat. And the Blackwater is a sand bottom river - not good black fly habitat either. You could contact the WFCAK Club and ask that question though to be sure. http://www.clubkayak.com/wfckc/default.asp

Hey Jack!

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Geez are you two still in FL??? You've got me counting my time til retirement LOL. I'm going to be in the NW panhandle. I know you and Nanci are having a great time, as I catch snippets of your travels when they are posted.
Thanks for the input.

…showed up this evening as Sally & I read out on the patio tonight before sundown. Thank goodness Jack & Nanci, who were over for a nice dinner and after-dinner talk under the tiki torches last night, and us weren’t bothered by any last night.

Today’s mosquito came and went, but there’s more to come to be sure -we’re in Florida! (I hold that the 2 biggest breakthroughs that opened up the state to growth and the near relentless population infusions of the past half century were first screens, and then AC.)

I mostly concur with peripatetic paddler Jack, but would add that even a good coating of DEET-laced repellent can be sweated off, and would recommend a bug net for at least your head if you think there’s a shot at bugs on the Blackwater, especially at dawn and dusk.

And be sure to get a tight-mesh version, NOT mosquito netting! The mosquito netting will certainly stop skeeters, but the damn no-seeums will come right thru mesh that large, and you’ll be fairly miserable once they find you.

And they will.

I picked up a good, tight-mesh bug head-net and a bug shirt combo for something like $19.95 last year because I thought I’d lost my first head-net. Turns out I didn’t, but was happy to have the shirt -it’s cooler and that much more comfortable on warmer, humid mornings and evenings than wearing long-sleeve shirts.

It’s a good investment that will return years of service if you’re careful with it, and make it much more pleasant an experience to be out in Mother Nature -especially in Florida in spring, summer, and much of fall as you


-Frank in Miami

We paddled Saturday
on Boiling Creek near Milton and I didn’t see any mosquitos, although I did hear someone say they saw one. We are having great paddling and camping weather now, with highs in the mid to upper 70’s and lows in the upper 40’s and lower 50’s. We have a campout scheduled for Mar. 19-22 at the Magnolia Branch Wildlife Preserve near Atmore, AL. I will have mosquito spray with me just in case, but have never owned mosquito clothes or nets.

S FL skeeter season?

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I see 'em all year. Not a lot some months, but always around except maybe during "cold" snaps, which since I've been down here aren't cold or long enough to kill 'em - just leave 'em sluggish/dormant for a day or two.

Granted, WAYYYYYYY nicer in that regard this time of year than summer!

just got back from a trip on the suwannee river. mosquitoes very active around dusk each evening. i use a BugTamer jacket and have found it very effective. deet will work as well, but i don’t care for what it does to plastics. hope your trip is a good one. -h

You are from East Texass and you
are worried about Florida???!The WORST mosquitoes I have ever encountered were near the Trinity River.

Bugs are scarce…
here in central Florida right now, and I’ll bet the panhandle will be the same.

But even when they are bad, I’ve seen worse in the Adironacks, Maine, and the barrier islands of the Delmarva. I sure do apreciate all the work of all these little lizards…

Let me know how wrong I am.


Why are you worried?
Just bring the shirt. It can double as regular clothing if the bugs fail to show.

It makes a nice swimsuit cover up.