Build it or Sell kit - Absolute Sea Lion

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I bought a stitch and glue kit for an Absolute Sea Lion from a lady who was moving. She had lost the box with the Epoxy kit in it in a prior move. There was no rudder purchased with the kit. All I bought was the long box with everything else [].

Do I buy the Epoxy kit and a rudder and attempt to build it, try to find someone willing to build it for a price I can afford or should I just give up and sell what I have?

Background: 65 year old woman on limited income; no experience building anything; no tools to build with; no place to build anything; and no one who could help me. I'd have to rent a storage facility to use while I build it.

I am leaning toward putting it up for sale on Ebay and on Paddling dot net. Buy now price of $650. I live north of Atlanta and would be willing to drive up to 125 miles for an extra $50.

What's the general consensus? You all have been great helping in the past and I trust your opinions.

Thanks, Coosa

PS, I'd be willing to consider trading for a lightweight [45 lb or less] 15-16 foot canoe or maybe a 16-17 foot sea/touring kayak [same max weight] if we agree on the price.

"no experience building anything; no tools to build with; no place to build anything; and no one who could help me. I’d have to rent a storage facility to use while I build it."

Epoxy and fiberglass will cost more than you think. Add small powertools, hand tools and incidentals plus a rented workspace and you will have much more into the boat than you will ever get out of it.

In your situation I would cut your losses and sell it as is and avoid a lot of grief.

not to mention

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at 19 ft x 25 inches, that's a whole lot of boat, which makes it less likely that the OP is right for it.

Nothing is more depressing than having a half-built project lying around getting in the way. Having one sit in a rental shop costing money monthly would drive me absolutely bats. I’d sell it for whatever I could get and use the proceeds towards a used boat.

Cut your losses
I agree with the others, you’re not exactly in a great position to build this boat and it probably won’t fit you anyway. Unless you really have a burning desire to build it, sell it and move on.

Sell it if possible and see if you can get a used kayak. Or if there is a local boy scout troop available, maybe they could put it together for a project and you would have a kayak. Just a thoght. John

Even as a novice builder, I’m incredibly happy with the kit that I built, but I had space, most of the tools, and time. Sounds like you just aren’t in a good position to build that thing.

My pygmy Arctic Tern 17 was a used kit that an injured woman just couldn’t build. Thing is - my kit is a pretty popular and well known kayak and it came with the epoxy, which is a large cost of the kit. And I bought it for a tad less than what you’re asking. I don’t know if you’re in a hurry or what prices are like in your area, but you might consider dropping that price a bit…

Thank you for your advice
Looks as if I’ll be selling the kit or trading it to someone who has a canoe or kayak.

I found an ebay store, AeroMarine-Products, which sells the epoxy and other materials to use it for a very reasonable price.

After building the kayak, the person will have a kayak worth over $2000. Assuming he can sell it, of course.

Watch for my advertisement in December or email me if you’re interested in making an offer. I won’t mail it so we’ll have to find a way to meet.

BTW, I’ll be going to Baltimore in November and towards Nashville in December, if you live in that direction.

Thanks again, Coosa