Build It Yourself Fiberglass Canoe

Does anyone have a link to a site that shows how I can make my own fiberglass canoe? I have a 14’ Stillwater, but it’s too awkward for me. I’d like something stumpier, if that’s a word :smiley: Nearby I have all kinds of water “fingers” --slow running water or quiet lake that I’d like to get into for fishing.

very complicated
there are many steps to building a fiberglass canoe and unless You plan to make a lot of them I would just look around for a cheap used one for what Your after.

Glen L boat designs carries a wide variety of C-Flex or "One-Off fiberglass boat plans and materials. I remember they had a heavy canoe in 13 to 17 foot versions. Check them at

this one is kevlar
But the same techniques will work for F/G


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Are you using foam core of plywood core? I'm guessing foam but just wanted to be sure.

I don’t think he’s picked one yet… If he goes C-Flex it would be foam.