Building a foam dog platform/seat for dog

I have a sit on top perception tribe tandem kayak and I want to have something to make the front bottom section of the kayak flat for my dog. I was thinking about using expanding spray foam to create some sort of removable platform that levels out the bottom of the kayak.

I was thinking I could use window plastic or something on the bottom to release the foam. Then spray the foam in the front section. Maybe press some type of vinyl or waterproof material over the foam to make it bit more durable.

See image attached

So my questions are…

do you think this would work?
what materials would be best for the top?

any other alternative ideas?

How big is dog? Something on top that is not slippy when wet. I would spray some type of mold release on kayak then it will fit tight.

He’s a 80lb german shepherd.

I found this stuff called Smooth-On Flex Foam-It! that used in prop making. It sounds like it has the consistency of a rubber cushion which could work.

Another idea someone suggested is that I stick with the more ridged spray foam and coat in with paint-on spar epoxy/urethane over a thin fabric, say an open-weave polyester.

I just use a piece of blue camping foam velcro’d to the deck.
It doesn’t take much and the dogs don’t seem to insist on a flat space, just something ‘dry’ and secure for their feet to grip.

another vote for blue foam roll from Wal Mart. just cut to shape and fit in.

Make sure he wears a PFD

I just use a piece of peel and stick outfitting foam and non skid tape on deck

Great photo Chuck! Awesome background too.

Great photo chuck… wow that looks cold!

I might try the blue mat because it’s seems like a really cheap fix, but I’m not really sure it’s going to work well w my kayak. Both to the pics shown aren’t sit on top kayaks as mine is. On my kayak there isn’t a flat area like both of you have. The area my dog would be in is recessed with those foot rest groves.

My new idea is to use 2 part Liquid Urethane Foam which is a Closed Cell foam similar to a pool float. If it works like I hope (prob won’t haha) I’ll have a removable foam cushion that fit’s perfectly into the front 1/3 of the kayak. With the top flat and the bottom shaped like the floor of the kayak so that it fits snug.

I’ll post pics either way

@aaron4osu did you ever try the 2-Part LUF? Curious if you had any success or tips to pass. I’m looking at doing the same for the back of my WS Tarpon 120…for the dog and also as an added benefit of dispelling water that builds up back there.

"On my kayak there isn’t a flat area like both of you have. "
It doesn’t need to be flat. Just make the foam strong enough so it doesn’t buckle too much. Dogs can be comfortable anywhere so long as they are4 dry
and have a secure footing.
This red kayak is a Perception Carolina. The deck is kinda round.
The next he decided to lay on my deck-bag. The yellow boat above is a round deck Whistler and he manages well.

Just cut a piece to glue to the front deck under the bungie and another to the deck around the foot-molds and he will be happy.
If he is a bigger dog, you may need to curve the foam up to let him lay against the plastic without discomfort but it is simple and requires not a lot of engineering.