building carbon paddle???

I made a couple wooden shaft/fiberglass blade pladdles that I think turned out fine. on one I just keep layering 6oz cloth and cutting out a blade design.then making a slot in the shaft 2/3 the length of the blade, slidding it in place and glassing it to the shaft.I ended up with about 10 layers total to get it stiff enough.the other I cut a blade out of 1/8 luan and glassed it in place with 2 layer of 6oz cloth on each side.wanting to make a couple using carbon fiber blades and wooden shafts.wondering what oz. cloth I need and do I need to use some kinda core?whats the best way to go about doing this?

thanks Jeremy

Suggest that you check out

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for your carbon needs, and for other information on the site. Actually, a light, strong paddle depends more on how you do the wood core of the blade than it does on the fabric. With a good wood core, a glass facing may be as effective as a carbon facing. Plus, with glass, you can monitor internal damage, while carbon cloth blinds you to what may be going on in there.