building SOF plans

i would like to build a sof kayak—sea kayak—river class1-3—and smaller for grandkids—i have built a cedar canoe with purchased plans—i have looked at the yost site but couldnt figure out the offset stuff—anybody out there that sells the plans so i could build a few this winter----thanks—phil

Several sources
One is:

Highly recommend the book “Building the Greenland Kayak” by Christopher Cunningham.

If you’re somewhat construction-challenged, consider the fuselage style (as opposed to rib bending/fitting).

Go to Greenland site with lots of sof info.

lets look at the problem
What don’t you understand about the “offset stuff”? I haven’t looked at Tom’s site in a while (and my connection is too slow and I’m too lazy to do it now), but offsets give you heights/breadths/distances from a datum line. You can create a table of offsets from any scaled line drawing

of a kayak, and then draw/loft the kayak full size (or go in reverse, producing a miniature scale drawing from the offset numbers) from those. Is it this part you are having trouble with, or something else?

The Aleutian Kayak by Wolfgang Brinck

A well written clear book on building a baidarka - my only disagreement with the author was that I will build my next one 2 inches wider. It was a fun build - 6 weeks and $130.

SOF resources
I agree that is the best place for resources and information.

For some excellent photos of the process of building SOF’s and background on their design and use, builder Brian Schulz’s blog is hard to beat.

“Building the Greenland Kayak” book is readily available for around $15 on line and will give you an excellent introduction to all aspects of building.

SOF for class 3?

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Um, not sure I'd want to use a SOF for class 3 (or class 2). There are some rescue/recovery considerations with SOFs. I'd think only someone highly experience would try that - maybe not a boat for the kids.

I missed that class 3…

SOFs make great sea kayaks, not so good…potentially very unsafe ww kayaks. I’m sure someone somewhere has done it but you don’t want to try it out on your grandkids.

SOFs are perfect kayaks for large waters, but not suited for WW kayaking.

Cunningham’s book is a good one to use for your first kayak. Greenland style is probably best for your first SOF. Baidarkas have lots more weird parts. (I’ve built 3 kayaks of each type.)

The site is a great place to ask questions and get help. There may also be help available locally. Building SOFs is very addictive. We built our first ones six years ago here in the Detroit Metro area. They generated so much interest that there are now about 70. It’s reasonably easy to get a group of like-mined people together, rent a local store-front, and build as a group.

agree on the white water
Even though they are very tough boats, I would not use an SOF on white water. Most have hard chines – not what you want in rapids. Brian Schulz (who is probably as bold as anyone in versatile building and usage of SOF’s) uses rotomold plastic kayaks for his whitewater outings, which should tell you something.

I’ve taken my Feathercraft aluminum and nylon/rubber SOF through some Class 1 sections of local rivers but wasn’t happy about the scraping it got. Best to stick with rotomold or well laid up glass boats for the rough water.