Building wooden kayak

Anyone in Sunriver/Bend Oregon building wooden kayaks? I would like to build one, but hesitant to do on my own. I would help with your build, if you would help with mine. Could be easier to build 2 kayaks with 2 people?

How close bto these guys are you?

If you are looking at stitch and glue
I can’t see much of a need for a second person, unless you’d like the company.

Some thoughts . . .
It looks like you are living up near Pygmy Boats country, near Washington. Also, it’s normal to be having second thoughts about building a boat - wondering if you are up to the challenge to being able to do it by yourself.

Having built two Pygmies - at the same time - by myself, I can share with you that anybody who has a little patience, can read and can lift a tool, can build one of these boats. The instructions are clear and well written and patient help from the company is just a phone call away. These people love kayaking, they love their work, and they love to hear the good results from their customer-builders. Send them pictures of your work (I still have to send mine).

I know not all of us are attracted to working with tools, but a love of paddling and the surprise of seeing the beauty of your new boat materializing under your very hands are reasons enough to keep you going on a building project.

For increased confidence, read the builders’ forums online and you will see how many of us ordinary folks have turned out some pretty fine boats with no background whatsoever before the arrival of their kayak kit. Good luck in your new adventure!

building kayak
Yes I saw the website, they are not real close.

stitch and glue
not familiar with self built boats but may like to try one some day between the time I retire and , well you know.

What does the phrase ‘stitch and glue’ mean, and what are the other methods?

Building methods

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"Stitch & glue" or "tack and tape" is a building technique in which thin pieces of plywood are "stitched" together at the edges with wire to form the desired shape. The seams are then glued with epoxy. Additional reinforcement is provided by epoxy fillets and glass tape, covering the whole hull with glass cloth and epoxy, or a combination of the two.

Strip-building involves building a form and then assembling the hull from long flexible strips of wood. The most common is cedar cut into 1" x 1/4" strips with a bead-and-cove edge so they interlock. The wooden hull is smoothed and then covered with glass cloth and epoxy.

Skin-on-frame construction requires building a frame -- usually wooden or aluminum tubing -- and covering it with a waterproof skin.

Some folks have built molds and built their own composite boats, but that's usually only done if they're planning on making several copies.

Ask manufacturer/designer

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Most companies will give you contact information for builders/owners in your area.

Redfish put theirs online:

Also try the builder's board:

Building a showpiece takes some skill and/or a lot of time, but building a functional boat is not too difficult.

good suggestion
Thanks, will do.