Building your own kayak paddle.

I have never tried to build a paddle before. But I am verry interested in making one from sctratch. I am pretty good with wood and am fairly shure that I can make a good looking paddle. However I do not know where to start does anyone know where I can some plans. I am looking for plans to build a kayak paddle I would like to be able to make it a 2 peice but I will more than likely start with a 1 peice that is not feathered. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


start with a 2x6
start with a 2x6 about 9 feet long. then cut away everything that doesn’t look like a paddle. easy huh? :wink:

Google for a recipe
Quajac something or another



For Greenland paddles:
Chuck Holst’s plans:

Alternate instructions and adding ferrule:

See if this link
provides any insight for you:

Luck to ya.


And make sure it is a pressure…
treated 2 x 6.

Then it will never rot.



The 2x6 is right ;treated isn’t.
People here make them from just about all woods.I made mine from Western Red Cedar, but it is pricey. Hopefully bnystrom will read this and post some instructions, which atre excellent.

Pressure treated
stuff is nasty. I wouldn’t want my hands in contact with it. Most GPs I’ve seen are made of western red cedar.

Too much to post
If anyone is interested in instructions for making Greenland paddles, email me and I’ll send you several related docs.

PT is usually yellow pine…
…which weighs a ton. I wouldn’t use it for making paddles. WRC is the best way to go. Barring that, clear spruce or white pine would be my choice.

I wasn’t serious !
I’m sorry if you took me serious, I was just kidding.

I probably should have said use whale bone, but the animal rights folks would have got up in arms.



Euro style paddle ???
If you want to build a regular Euro paddle pickup Nick Schade`s book “The Strip -Built Sea Kayak” The chapter on paddle making is very good.