Built foot rest into Sea Eagle 370

I have a Sea Eagle 370 with the better Pro-seats and the main complaint is I don’t have good foot support and consequently my legs and butt suffer after some hours. No foot pegs are installed and the boat also doesn’t have the D-rings to easily attach something. The seats also are not arrested. they friction-fit and when I push my legs, can move back. Currently I use my Drybag squeezed into the bow. My trips are 3-4 hours, but i really would like longer trips, which currently isn’t comfortable.

My initial idea is to use a 2"or larger PVC pipe as a foot support. I would then use an adjustable strap through the pipe and attach the strap with carabiners to the strap of the inflatable OEM seats. That way I wouldn’t push my seat back when supporting my feet. Some potential pitfalls are that the strap could wear when it leaves the pipe, or the pipe indents into the gunwales. I was thinking gluing end pieces on the pipe could avoid the gunwale damage.

Did someone built in a foot support or has a better idea?

the seats likely are good enough, and my current butt-problem is most likely due to the awkward foot/leg situation. so before i look at better seat options, I need to resolve the foot rest issue.

Uh oh. I believe you have entered the stage where there are only so many things you can do to modify a kayak before you decide to upgrade to something that has the features and comforts you desire.
Basically everyone told you before you made your purchase that you won’t know what you like until you paddle it.
This happens to me every time because I still have not found my perfect boat.

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True. It also is really narrow where my feet are. So there are limits to how much I can actually improve the SE 370. Lipstick/pig situation.
I plan to upgrade to an OK420 or similar once they become available or I get a good deal. So I don’t want to put too much into making this a Franken-boat. But a new boat may not available before fall, so I hoped to implement some easy measures. Right now the foot/seat situation is what prevents me from longer outings. My “long” tours are 3-4 hours and really emphasize the issue. a full day really would require drastic changes. But you are right, to make that much better, may not be easily feasible with my current boat.