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I recently returned from a trip where I transported my kayak on the top of my Jeep
Now I notice I have a like bulge into the cockpit. I liken it to a dent in a car fender. I did not hit anything while I was kayaking.
I have an Old Town XL Adventurer
Anyone know of a way I could "pop" it back into place??

happens all the time…
let the sun heat up your hull & with or without a little “persuasion,” it should return to normal. Try not to leave it on your racks for long periods…that’s the only time mine dents.

Thanks !!! I thought maybe that was the problem but wanted some advice on the matter.

Should I strap it on reverse way that I had it on to correct the dent or will it pop back if I keep it strapped the same way??

Being more specific about persuasion
when a similar thing occured with my plastic Necky Looksha Sport, sun alone did not restore the contour. So I cust a slab of 3" minicell foam to fit between the bottom dent and the top of the boat. This and the sun “reminded” the plastic where it belonged.

A more permanent dent can occur if the plastic gets stretched hard in the heat, or when seal-launching off a dock or the shore. Such dents do not recover. This is a fault with poly boats, compared to composite boats… Lasting deformation of a composite boat is uncommon, especially if some glass or carbon has been intelligently used on the inside of the boat.

Saw Horses
Take your 'yak off the jeep for a couple of days. Put it on a pair of saw horses for a couple of days in the sun. If in a hurry you can add warm water to the cockpit and it’ll speed up the process.

FYI: I just returned from an 8-day trip (NC, TN, KY, MS, AL, SC, GA, NC) with my OT 139 XL and never experienced any “oil canning”. I attribute this to (a) transporting it cockpit down and (b) keep the straps only snug enough to keep the 'yak attached to the rack.