Bulges on Carolina Airalite Hull

I bought a Perception Carolina Airalite 14.5’ kayak about 3 weeks ago. This week I noticed several 1/4" pointy bulges on the hull. Has anyone else experienced this?

Last year we were up in Mass.
at an outfitters, and he showed us a new Carolina out of airlite that was actually coming apart.

He said he was going to stop carying them.


"coming apart"
where exactly was it coming apart?

He pointed to a bunch of places.
If I recall rightly, the worst one was where the hull met the front top deck.

I think around the coaming was messed up also.

I didn’t pay much attention since I was interested in another yak, and we were just walking by it.


Contact your dealer, or you could contact Perception at www.kayaker.com. I’ve had a 13.5 for several months and love it. I have communicated with them several times by phone and email and they’re always quick to help. I always have alot of questions about everyting and they’re quick to respond. I had some damage to the tape on the sides from transporting and that’s the only problem that I’ve had.

They’ve also changed their website and there is more info about the airalite material that is very helpful.