Bulkhead Material Used in Scuppers

I am looking to obtain bulkhead material used in old Scupper kayaks. If anyone knows who sells the stuff, please let me know? thank you…

Closed cell foam
Lots of places sell bulk minicell foam. Try Northwest River Supply, Salamander Paddle Gear, eBay or your local paddle shop. Once you have some you’ll find plenty of uses for it. It starts to get pretty expensive in thicker pieces but good quality foam will last longer than the boat.

There are some good instructions for making a bulkhead in past discussions. Search the archives and it may turn up.

Scupper Bulkhead Foam
Thank you, however, the minicell foam I have on hand or the type that’s available at various popular outlets is not the same as what came originally with the early roto mold Scuppers. That bulkhead foam was very pliable, softer and could be easily shaped by hand to plug up holes, etc. Can’t find it anymore and the dealer that sold me the Scupper no longer sells it.

Try eBay
there’s a seller that has various types of foam scraps at fair prices. I bought some last year and it’s very high quality. They also sell large pieces of bulkhead material up to 3 inches thick. Just do a search for closed cell foam and it’ll turn up.