Bulkhead, no hatch

If a kayak has a forward bulkhead, but no hatch, what sort of access should there be to drain water, inspect, etc.? The Epic GPX has this layout - does anyone know what is provided for the forward compartment?

In general, I only do day tours so need 1 hatch at most, but I would want bulkheads for flotation. Even with a float bag, a full front end would be a pain to drain. I’m thinking of a Q400S, but asking for the forward bulkhead as an add-on for safety but am wondering if a drain plug, inspection port or nothing is called for.

the gpx has a small drain and vent plug on deck, the front compartment isnt that large

You need to have a small vent opening so that pressures can equalize. You can plug the vent with a small rubber cork.