Bulkhead repair, Lexel setup time


Thanks to the previous posters on bulkhead repair and install, I had one further question after I describe the repair I will attempt soon.

Pungo 140, rear bulkhead, pretty bad leak. After reading and talking with the folks I got the boat from I am going to pull the bulkhead, clean out all the existing sealent, rough the surface with 80 grit, put a bead of Lexal just before the location the bulkhead contacts the hull, then push the bulkhead in, then run a bead around both sides. Think this sounds ok. The one unknown I would like answered is how long should I let this set before moving the kayak and then how long before I can water test it? It looks like it sets up fast but I saw some references to a week or more of cure time.



it’d be fine to move around in a day or so but actually use it would be worth waiting a few days

Lexel takes a while to cure. You would probable be okay to move it sooner, but I wouldnt paddle it for at least a few days.

I would re-consider removing everything and starting over. if there is a substantial part of the b/h still attached I would leave it and repair the leaky points only. no sense going to too much work.


I wouldn’t take the bulkhead out. I totally redid the Lexel on both sides of the bulkhead but I didn’t remove the bulkhead. It may be difficult to get it back in the correct position and you may end up with Lexel everywhere. You would have to mark where the bulkhead goes. If the two sides don’t make a good seal the edge won’t make much difference.

I believe the instructions say curing time is 24 hours. I did one side one day and the other side the next. Then I let it cure for 2 more days before I was back on the water.

Thanks all

The store I bought from recommended the complete removal. It seemed extreme but I was game, but I think I will just seal it as is, and try that. Now, I just have to figure out how to go without paddling for 4 days, yikes :slight_smile: