bulkhead repair question

For about a half an inch, the glue between the bulkhead and boat is cracked. This crack allows water to seep into the rear compartment. What best product bonds foam to plastic?


marine sealant
there’s a bunch of marine sealant that work. 3M 5200, Seal life, Lexel, Rule/Sudbury, Marine Goop.

don’t use silicone.

used plenty, make a mess!!!

good luck


thanks for the help

Thank you for the help in recommending products to bond the bulkhead to the plastic boat.


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cut out the old stuff. Clean out any pebbles or sand that have creeped in the best you can. Than apply the adhesive.

BTW, popsicle sticks from a crafts store make a great applicator. You can get the adhesive way in between the foam and hull. Wear plastic gloves to avoid getting stuff all over your hands, as this will happen not matter how careful you are.


I just resealed my Dagger Crossover 12.5 bulkhead. And have resealed or installed bulkheads in all my boats. I use Lexel, lots of it, soapy water on fingers to force into gaps and smooth out. Works great.