bulkhead seal repair

-- Last Updated: May-03-11 10:46 PM EST --

I installed a Scotty base for a running light behind the comb on my two former Pungo 140's without a hitch. Today while drilling I tore part of the upper section of the stern bulkhead seal; seems like the newer model had less space/clearance between the flat surface closest to the comb and the edge of the stern bulkhead. I plan to re-seal an area about 6" long. Has anyone done a similar repair?

Lexal sealant
Lexal is what you want to use. Do Not use siliconal Lexal can be found in craft/hardware stores in squeezable tubes & caulking gun tubes. Good luck.

I will purchase the Lexal Sealant today - Here is a photo of my former Pungo with the base mounted in the same exact spot as on my new Pungo - the screws never touched the bulkhead.

it isn’t exactly rocket science when assembling boats. if the b/h is off a little either way it isn’t going to matter unless you drill “exactly” the same and it isn’t. the lexel will fix the issue fine.


3M 5200?
I haven’t heard of Lexel, and maybe it is the best, but I have used 3M 5200 Marine sealant for installing bulkheads, and it is tenaciously sticky and waterproof. I had some on a pair of jeans for many years before the jeans wore out.