Bulkhead Sealant

I know I’ve seen this topic before, but I can’t seem to find it. Anyone have recommendations for a good bulkhead sealer. Its a plastic bulkhead in a roto-molded boat.


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what kind of kayak?,,,Lexel,,I mispelled


Marine Goop - Home Depot

I have used Lexel with good results. Follow the directions carefully! Takes several weeks to cure.

Hey Lee, this is in my Sirocco.

Thanks for the input!

3M 5200 or Sikaflex 291 are the choices. Both are polyurethanes and are sealants AND adhesives as well. They are the # 1 choice for professionhal boat builders and better than anything else you could consider.

The Sika dries very quickly , maybe 18 hours for full cure but the 3M takes a few days. 3M also makes a fast cure version but it might be hard to find in a general purpose marine store.

Do NOT use silicone, it will likely fail at some time in the future.

Use masking tape on both the bulkhead and the side of the hull to “tape off” and define the area where you want the sealant to be. Apply the sealant and squish it into the desired location and then carefully pull the tape. This will keep the project neat. Acetone will remove the excess from fingers and the boat if necessary. This stuff can be really messy if you are not neat, so take your time.

same with a friends
Lexel seems to be the standard stuff on poly kayaks.

Lowes carries something by Sika trademark SikaBond. Same stuff? Also on the label, Sika Universal. Advertises “permanent bond even underwater”