Bulkhead style foot-plates

Hello all!
I demo’d, and will likely buy, a dagger stratos. We liked how it performed for what we will use it for. HOWEVER it has bulkhead style foot plates instead of foot pegs. I’ve never used these before. What concerns me is that in a long calm paddle, i often like to stretch my legs out past foot pegs for a little time… however when demo’ing the boat i want able to do this due to the foot plate style. Is there a way to either modify this or replace it with pegs? Maybe there was some customization to be done that wasn’t completed due to it being a demo?

Thanks for help. I do plan on calling Dagger asking about it too but i have to wait a few days and want to have as much info as i can early in the week.


I have a Stratos 12.5 S. Great little kayak! I like the foot plate, I totally understand what you’re saying about stretching your legs though. I have found that I can still straighten my legs by pushing back into the seat pan a bit - it could be that where I have the plate set is just far enough forward to allow this. But I haven’t been uncomfortable even on longer (3.5 hour) paddles with no ability to get out of the kayak.

That said it should be possible to replace the plate with standard foot pegs, but I’d suggest using the kayak a bit first before making the switch.

Thanks! We will be doing much longer tours than 3.5hrs, which is why i worry, but you i think helped me be at ease a bit.

Does yours also have the screw + holes in a metal plate for adjustment? I was also surprised at how difficult that was to adjust, and wasn’t something that can be done on the fly… tho i get its more secure.

Yes that is how mine is set up. Definitely not easy to adjust. I haven’t moved the plate since I bought the kayak 1.5 years ago - in a month I will have to as I have some friends visiting and it will be perfect for their 13 year old son to paddle. I’m a bit worried about getting those screws undone!

I like mine. It is just far enough ahead that I can apply pressure with the balls of my feet. When not applying pressure my legs can relax in a comfortable position.