Bulkhead Tears

Oh Bother! After all my P.Net research, reading, rentals, and demos, I finally bought a new Tsunami 145 last December. (Yes, I know, don’t take it out in a tsunami.) I fashioned two three foot slings from carpet runners, and stored the suspended boat in the gargage. I took it down last week and discovered a horizontal tear in each of the bulkheads. I e-mailed Wilderness last week, and they haven’t responded. (The shop I bought the boat from is out of business.) Should I just fill the tears with Lexel, and forget about them? (Any other examples of this happening?) What is the current opinion of suspending poly boats? (I know there are a completely different set of rules for comp boats.) Side, top, or bottom???


Does it look like this?

Hanging poly
I’ve been hanging my poly boats (and fiberglass for that matter) on their sides in a sling for 8 years. Sling is positioned approximately where the bulkheads are. I have had no issues. I really doubt very much that your bulkhead tears are a result of suspending your boat in a sling in ANY position. I’d be looking elsewhere for a cause.

Wow…i would be in tears myself.
Be persistent with your phone calls and emails to them. I have 2 canoe racks that are canvas. Think over sized canvas deck chair without the back or the arms. I flip my sea kayak upside down on these. I place one right in front of the cockpit and the other behind the cockpit, about 1/2 way of the rear day hatch. I have done this ever since i owned it. For part of 1 summer i did store it on it’s side in a web sling. But placed the webs in the same locations as the canoe racks things. No cracking…a few dang squirrel chomps. that is why it’s upside down, to discourage mice and squirrels. Warning…never leave ANY energy bars or snacks in your hatches. Grrrrr…those varmits will find them before you do.

I suspend my 145
from slings at the bulkheads on it’s side. Flip it to the other side occasionally but not on any kind of schedule. Post back and let us know if it’s just the groove in the bulkhead you’re seeing. I had a bit of a panic attack first time I saw it but then realized it was identical to both bulkheads in two boats and does not penetrate all the way through.

Wish it did look like that
(Many thanks for the wilderness link.) But,the tears go all the way through. Tis is puzzlement.

Could you post some pictures.