bulkheads in plastic boats - how strong?

We just bought an roto-molded Aquanaut LV for my wife. Although it is her boat, after we bought it, it occurred to me that I might occasionally borrow it for use in rough water and surf. The problem is that the foot peg sliders are mounted ridiculously close to the cockpit (as noted in braumeister’s review), so that at 5’ 11’’, my legs don’t fit. I’m a little hesitant to immediately drill into my wife’s new boat to make it fit me (too much like I bought it for myself). What about using minicell against the bulkhead instead of footpegs? Will the bulkheads in a rotomolded boat take the pressure? Even if someone ended up putting 165 lbs on it while standing on the bulkhead during an endo in surf?

According to Peter Orton
Not too long ago here, Peter noted that the bulkheads in RM Valley boats were strong enough to brace against

poly Avocet fared well
with foot pump against on its front BH. I did try to distribute load as broadly as possible after getting email go-ahead from Valley.