Bulling thru the ice cream headaches

This is the first year that I’m not using the dive mask for roll practice in the coldest part of the season. I just prefer not to deal with putting it on and off anymore.

All is well despite that. (I do use a neoprene cap, ear plugs, and nose clips.) But I have noticed something surprising. The first few rolls bring on intense pain in the eye/nose area. Yet after more rolling, the pain subsides and becomes much less noticeable or even disappears.

So far, this seems like a good thing. Is there any downside to bulling through the pain? Like long-term damage to blood vessels or whatever? My understanding is that they suddenly constrict when the cold smacks them.

some ideas
I’ve also noticed the really cold eyes feeling. Though I wouldn’t characterize it as painful in my case, and I don’t get the sinus pain you describe. I do find that splashing my face a couple times while paddling seems to help with making a roll less jarring.

Also, you mention that you’re wearing a neoprene cap. If that’s not a full balacava-style hood, you might try one of those instead. I think they provide much more protection to the cold shock when rolling in water that’s in the mid and low 30s, since they cover your neck, and more of your face.

Another really effective tool for wintertime rolling is an indoor pool. :wink: Though I do roll a couple times each time I go out in the winter (usually at the end), to ensure that I’m staying in good rolling shape, and prepared for immersion.