Bungee Ball/Toggle Supplier Needed.

I am looking to add some toggles or ball beads to my bungees.

Does anybody have a source for these?

Also, other than wood, what materials do you recommend? Delrin, Polypropylene, Rubber?


Just buy them by the bag already made up.

Here is a cheap source.


not exactly what i’m looking for…
i’m just looking for the balls to use as toggles on my existing bungees.

thanks, though.

Try a hobby shop. They should ones used for Macramé. Probably in plastic or wood. You might have to drill one side out to hide the knot.

What about a super ball from the nickel gumball machine. Couldn’t you drill a whole through one of these?

Danger! Danger!
The interiors of superballs are filled with acid!!!

Oh, wait. Thats what we kids were told about golf balls.

I would think that superballs would shatter if drilled. Seriously, finding these is darn difficult. I tried craft & hobby stores with no luck. Any actual help would be appreciated.


West Marine has em
Hard plastic

use them for sail ties, the canopy source above is the same thing only cheaper as not sold in a marine store…

I use them on my boat but my canopy is a little loose…

Wood balls from craft suppliers
Michael’s Crafts and AC Moore (among others) sell wood beads in 3/4" and 1" sizes. They run $2.99 for bags of 27 and 18, respectively. For more details of using them, check out my deck rigging album on Webshots at:


Make them look sharp
I sealed some wood beads with the urathane that contains stain. I dipped the beads and let them set up on one end, then repeated with the other end up so you get a graded color from darker to light to darker. I was pleased with the results.

where in west marine’s catalog?
where are they in WM’s website?

i’m having trouble finding them.

do you have a link?

here’s a link i found.

they have several different kinds. i’d say nylon or hdpe would be best.

any opinions on size?

i’m thinking 7/8" or 1".

Well I can’t find just the ball ends but


I know they have them and the crimps because I’ve seen them in store

I’d go for HDPE in 7/8 but if I had a fat edged wooden paddle I might go larger