Bungee Balls for Deck Rigging???

Where can you get those little balls that I see so many people put on their deck bungees to aid in storing a paddle when on the water?

Just bought a storm paddle as a backup to put on my front deck. It is practically impossible for me to get it under the bungees after taking it out on the water. Maybe those little balls would help…



Arts/Crafts Stores

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Any will have them in wood. One inch size works well and they usually have a 1/4 inch hole for your lines. Sometimes Walmart has them too.

Paint to the color you want them and I also use them on safety lines to make them easier to grab.

See Brian Nystrom's Webshot Gallery for examples.

Line Stops
I’m using ‘line stops’ from West Marine. The are hard plasstic balls with a hole to run line through.

Actually for stowing my gp, I have my furthest fore and aft bungees through flexible plastic tubing which is length to curve upward enough to get the paddle under.

Line Stops
I looked up ‘line stops’ on Western Marine Supply and just found expensive outrigger kits that included other items/pieces and 1 3/4 inch cork balls. Are these the ones?

I am interested too.


rope end stoppers…

Almost any marine store should have these in stock or be able to order them for you.

Cord Locks
If you are looking for cord locks, Campmor has them:


Those are the ones, thanks.


adult novelty stores
have some cool ones

so I’ve heard

Probably find some good used ones
at flea markets. (referring to Seakaks idea)

Anyhow…Duckworks Boat shop has them too - scavenged from the beaded seat cushions popular with cabbies.


I prefer round/ball type
Can be harder to find larger ones - and springs rust out. Work great for a while though. Light weight, no paint, and nice to have them stay where you want without knots.

I just use "wiffle"golf balls… a pack of six for about a buck

the chrome ones would be cool
new of course

Save some money
The 1" wooden balls are $2.99 for a bag of 18 at craft stores.

Tarp Canopee Bungees
Found some good ones…went to Home Depot and got a jar of tarp canopee bungees. They have little orange plastic balls on them. Cut off the bungee and thread them on putting knots on your bungee so they don’t slide.