Bungee kayaking?

I read that a family uses bungee cords to board surf in their swimming pool.

Anybody tried it with sea kayaks, especially NOT in a pool? Paddle it backwards “against the cord”? Attach to boat or body? Instead of attaching the anchor end to a pool, how about having a friend hold that end?

Be careful !!
If one of those things break it can put your eye out.



Agree with Jack but even more deadlier is the “whiplash effect” if a bungee separates. It’ll be travelling as such a high speed that putting an eye out will be mild.

A good, BAD example is a trip/arresting wire separating on the deck of an aircraft carrier. When it separates it tears through metal as easily as a human body.


Winch Surfing

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I think this started with young hot dog water skiers and wake boarders. They get a powerful fast winch and about 500 ft of line place it parallel to breaking waves at the beach and then fire the winch off and it pulls them at high speed over the waves so they can get big air. Fletcher Burton and Vince Shay have started doing this on waveskis. Would not want to get anything caught in that winch line.

Here's a movie, but not of waveskis


River boards
are similar. Look like fun to!


Special type of bungee
I’ve seen photos of heavy-duty shock cords that, basically, add a tube of nylon webbing around the bungee cord.

And JackL, I’d skip the hook part all right! A knot or loop would be safer.

If paddlers were stronger–a LOT stronger–we could use a vehicle “recovery strap”.

bungee jumping
How about bungee jumping off a waterfall with you in the kayak?

You first (nm)

It’s Been Done
I think there is a guy who calls his company Teton Extreme Films where they do just that over a river in Austrailia then cut loose and boof into the water after the up and down motion subsides. (I assume they used seat belts and thigh clamps to keep the boat from coming detached when they hit the end of the bungee.)

There is also a guy who has done skydiving with kayaks … never underestimate an andrenaline junky.