Bungee roller ball?

Who’s using what for a bungee roller ball for easier paddle swaps?

I bought four handy dandy deck balls from Current Designs a few years ago. They snap on, so I didn’t have to remove the deck rigging to install. Here’s a photo of two (the bagged item is a slice of pizza I was solar heating for lunch).

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I use a piece of tube on the front bungee


I use the plastic balls found on the portable carport tie-down bungees. If you get lucky you may find the really nice wooden balls in a craft store.

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Great idea Roy! Thanks. Why didn’t I think of that??

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I just turn some on the lathe. But they are available in craft stores, without the hole.

There was a previous thread where someone used a wiffle golf ball.

My SOF has cedar blocks. I’ve been planning to carve some Inuit style seals out of faux ivory to replace them when I re-skin it this summer.

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I don’t have a picture but I get them from P&H

Beautiful boat :+1: