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Just noticed my bungi cord is dry rotting and want to replace it. It’s probably original and at least 10 years old. Figured I’d also change the deck lines and use reflective cord. Any opinions on where to purchace it? and what does it usually cost by the foot? One place was asking 93 cents a foot for the cord. Thx

Cheap repair
You’re only replacing perhaps 16’ of perimeter line. The reflective does cost more than non reflective but that’s just the way of it. Probably the difference between high an low $ equals a gallon of gas so get it closest. There’s got to be a couple of places in NYC to get it.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY


Quality Nylon Rope
Quality Nylon Rope formerly known as Neocorp has reflective deck line. When I ordered I was also able to get reflective bungee but now I don’t see it on the website, it’s worth calling about.


REI has some made by Bluewater, but not by the foot. It may be a little cheaper per foot but you’ll wind up with an extra piece that’s too short to be useful. And you paid for it, so no savings. :slight_smile:

4mm diameter is probably what you want.

Thx guys, Marshall a guy from the club I belong to “Long Island Paddlers” bought his boat from you, it looks real nice, sleek and sweet looking. It’s around 17ft yellow and it has an English flag on the bow. Paddled with him and a group last week. Sorry but I wish I remembered his name. Maybe Waterspyder will chime in and tell us.

Will do some searching, need to get it done for an upcoming camping paddle in the Adirondaks. Gotta also finish housework, that just seems to never end!

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Atlantic Kayak Tours

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I picked up black bungee and reflective perimeter line at Atlantic Kayak Tours Annsville Paddle Center (up the Hudson near Peekskill). They had a lot more in stock than is shown on the website:


PS I also meant to mention Duckworks Boat Builders Supply: