Bungy mounted compass vs deck mounted

Past discussion on compasses appears limited to certain kayaks. Is there a preference over a deck mounted compass to that of a bungy mounted compass? Purpose is open water kayaking/sea kayaking

Any particular model that does the job?

Ritchie model (S59?)($ 50.00) and the Brunton model 85 ($70) or the model 70 UNE($110.00) appear to be the leading models.

Thank you ahead for any and all responses/opinions. V/R Mark

partial to bungie
since none of my kayaks have a permanent one…but mostly because 99.99%of the time I’m not going so far that I need one

Will you life ever depend on th3

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accuracy of this instrument?

Personally I favor the 70p because I think it is the absolute best but any compass with a permanent mount or removeable bracket mount should be reasonable. Bungied compasses often slip a bit and can get their alignment trashed in a maytag. On the other hand I know a great paddler who favors one. Go figure

Multiple boats and want to go cheap? Get the cheap sunnto model and multiple brackets

a 70 p is cheaper than the UNE but you can do the multiple brackets thing with the UNE

One bungie compass…
…three boats. Seldom need it but when I do I can use any boat… GH

Can’t forget a deck mounted compass
On occassion I used to forget the bungie one. And the deck mounted is further away than I could get a bungie nounted one, reduces risk of sea sickness and is actually easier to read.

But they all work - I haven’t thrown away my bungie one. It goes to Maine as a backup when we paddle there.

For multiple boats
I favor the bungie mount.

I use an Aquameter Sailor II, which can either be used on my bungie mount, or on a permanent mount on the deck, as it twists onto two posts.

As I recall, I paid about $70 for it, and it still works great 7 years later.