BUS Topping...

THIS is gonna be a fun experience…just bought a Short WHITE bus…(WHITE…okay…enough with the “Special” jokes already…LOL)…After refurbing the bus, It will become my boat shack…anybody ever try to BUS Top?..

Actually, I’m looking at the idea of hanging J cradles on the Drivers Side and straping the boat on the side of the bus…anyone ever seen this done? The bus looks kinda like this one:


look at the overall width/legal width. also if it/they block the mirrors in any way. Be easier to put a ladder on it and a rack on top. hate to go thru a road construction zone with my boats strapped on the side of an already wide vehicle.

just a thought

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With all that room
I would be tempted to put in overhead compartment(s) or mounts on the wall-to ceiling transition for storing the yaks inside the beast. It’s got a rear door, right?

bus topper
why not use some pressure treated 1/4 like you would use on a patio deck and create a larger roof rack on top of the bus. Kind of like the ones rafting companies do.

just a thought.


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other things to remeber
13’8" is the bottum of traffic lights. 8’6" max width I think for road travel.

I almost got a similar bus, for a similar reason, but the ENTIRE back was a swing up door. It was pretty sweet. I was planing to put the boats inside. I know that it takes ALOT to reach that 13’8" but, I am always afraid.


and if you ever want to dump off that bus ChEaP then I may be interested…don’t forget to pull out the seats and get it re gegistered as an RV so that there will be no problems with CDL isues.

already fought that issue…the Insurance company took photos of the bus with the seats removed, but the DMV wouldn’t register as an RV, they licensed it as an 11-15 passenger bus…I’ll fight the reregistration issue in November when it’s time to buy a new tag.

Put a couch in
Bolt an old couch to the floor up by the driver’s area–if you can find an old hid-a-bed, even better. You now have sleeping quarters. Although, with a 15 passenger bus, might be tight…