Busted 5" off my pole.

The pole is an Ed Hayden 2-piecer. The ends are derlon plugs and there’s a nut and some kind of metal shaft in the Derlon.

I was going upstream and the pole got stuck in a crevice. I needed to move it to a lower angle but the canoe got up against it, the current was pushing on the canoe and I was in a fix. I let it go and dove to the other end of the boat and we spun around the pole, then the pole floated loose. Only the pole had an 80-degree crook on the end.

I tried straightening the pole but it just broke off.

So, how do I work with that pole-end arrangement? I want to move the plug to the remainder of the pole. Heat? I suppose I could split the remainder of the aluminum pole and just get the plug out that way.


Is that Delrin plugs? Anyway, see
whether the break occured right at or very near where the plastic plug terminated inside.

I don’t know how tall you are or whether you would miss 5 inches. Possibly you could have the Haydens make you a new half pole. I’m 6’ 5" and always wanted a 14" pole. E-mailed them about it and we decided they could sell me two poles, each split at the 7/5’ line. Then I would swap and have a 14" pole and a 10" pole. (For changing light bulbs.)

You might be able to glue the plastic plug into the shorter end of your pole using G-flex. Sometimes epoxy doesn’t grab well on aluminum, but I think with some pre-sanding you’d be OK.

Good God, if I broke 5" off my pole
I’d just give up and join the seminary.

Chip - aluminum expands pretty readily under heat. I’ve removed plugs from my aluminum pole by heating the end carefully with a torch. Don’t heat it so much that the plastic melts - it doesn’t take a lot to get the plug loose. Apply vice-grips to the exposed end of the plug before you start heating, and twist while heating until it comes loose (yes - you’ll need to clamp the pole into a vice or have someone hold it for you…far from the heated end).

I use plumbers goop to cement in the plug after roughing-up the inside of the tubing with coarse sandpaper.

Of course you know - you’ll either have to make a new offset center mark or shorten the other end to match. At least if you’re as OCD as I am. :wink:

Paging Wickerbut !
Mike was telling me just last week how he had the same situation. Ed told him what Steve told you. A little heat on the aluminum should expand the tube enough to slide the plug right out. Cut the pole with a saw, dress the end, and again put a little heat on it before pushing the plug in.

Hey Kanoo, when your pole is 12’long losing 5" is no reason to quit.

Or maybe just
go out in the woods and cut a new one?