Busted Seat, Sundance 12

Tonight I noticed my seat supports on my Sundance 12 are broken. Not sure how long it’s been that way. What is broken are the two front supports under the seat that were attached to the inverted rib section on the floor of the kayak. Both the left and right seat “legs” have broken free. They no longer sit on the inverted rib, but now the seat has shifted a bit and the “legs” rest on the actual floor of the kayak.

It this a problem? Will the “legs” eventually rub thru the hull? ( so far there is no sign of wear on the floor ) Is it ok to leave it as is, or do I need some kind of fix? If so, what would the fix be?

I intend to call the dealer and Perception tomorrow, but I’m not expecting much help from them. Kayak is about three years old. Maybe I’ll be surpised, but let’s assume I’m on my own. How do I proceed or do I just not worry about it.

busted seat
unfortunately, being a poly yak, there’s not much in the way of a “permanent” repair the way you could on a glass or wood boat.

I wouldn’t consider it a total loss either…

I would definitely get the support off the hull floor though. it may never wear through, but I wouldn’t want to take that risk. Boost it back into position with some foam… some dense neoprene, minicell, or even extruded polystyrene to get it back somewhat level and not sitting on the floor. the weight of your butt on the seat will be enough to keep it from shifting.

good luck.

Spoke with dealer…
I spoke with the fine folks at Rutabaga and they told me to bring the yak in. It will be fixed. I may have to wait until they get the proper repair items from Perception. They will look at it and tell me if I can use it while waiting for the parts. The people at Rutabaga are always very good to work with.