Butterfly roll on first try....

Went out with a couple of guys last night and got a chance to try a whole slew of things I’ve never tried before…like paddle float re-entry, cowboy style re-entry…so basic stuff. I watched both of them do a butterfly roll…I had never seen it before. We all had CF european paddles…I figured I’d give it a try, with the total assumption that I would be swimming. Set up for it on my strong side and pulled it off first shot!!! Super cool. Of course I then tried it on my weak side and went for a swim. I didn’t bother to try it again on my strong side…figured I was pushing my luck. But it is a cool looking roll…and I guess I was just really impressed with myself for pulling it off on the 1st attempt. Sorry…not wanting to brag…just excited at a new skill to work on… :slight_smile:


I did it the first time and every time since. I am always amazed when I come up :slight_smile: It really impresses my friends. It certainly demonstrates that you have the layback down pat and that it’s not pushing down on the paddle that gets you up.

I did on the first try in a pool
four or five times. The following week I couldn’t come close. One of the guys coached me a few weeks later and I got a couple sloppy one and I haven’t been able to do it since.

Maybe someday it will come back.



I’ve wanted to try the butterfly with my euro, it seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to do (not trying to minimize your success.) I taught myself the reverse sweep and it was VERY cool to nail a roll you try on your own with no help.


Now let’s get out there and try the bowling ball roll.