Buy Advice - Wenonah Jensen 18


I’m new to canoeing but I have been looking and researching over the years. I think I found a good deal on Craigslist, but wanted to get some feedback before I purchase.

Its a 1987 Wenonah Jensen 18 Kevlar. I have a family of 4. My wife and I are about 155lbs a piece and have a 9 and 6 year old. So I think between the 4 of us we’re probably looking at about 400lbs (-/+).

Intended use is mostly flat water, leisurely canoeing. From everything else I’ve read about this model, size, etc… it seems to be the right fit.

So now for the real question. Seller wants $675. Its in good shape, no repairs or patch work. Its got the adjustable bow seat. Is it worth $675?

Buy it right now
You have about 5 minutes before Jackl does.

If it has only minor scratches and no cracks, snap it up immediately. Even with minor damage that is an excellent price it will (for now at least) serve your family. After the kids get big enough to want their own canoe, with good care, you should be able to resell it for more than you paid for it.

Yes x3

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Excellent deal. Perfect boat for your uses. Get it and Enjoy!

Edit: I just found it online and it looks mint. Its a smoking good deal. Go buy it today. You're lucky im not closer to it =)

OK OK OK I’m on it!
Thanks for the warm and fuzzies…

I just got back from paddling and
read this, and your reply, and you are completely wrong. I hate those boats, they leak and tip over and can get scratched.

Any thing bad you can think of will go wrong with them

Now where did you see this Craig’s list ad ?

But in all seriousness, if the boat is in good shape, buy it immediately

Jack L

After you get it, if you are handy…
purchase another sliding seat from Wenonah and install it in the rear and you’ll have no problem trimming the boat perfectly.

Jack L

definitely grab the boat…
It’s a good tandem…

Thanks Peeps!
She’s in the garage!

Whew! My head is still spinning. My wife and i Have been talking for years about a canoe… and I’ve looked off and on… at time even forgetting that we wanted one.

And then last night, I hop on Craigslist and just futzing around… and found this barely listed for a couple hours. And here am I am less than 24 hours later…

… a happy owner of a canoe.

Thanks for prompting me to jump on this. I feel pretty good about this purchase. Wish me luck on the water.

Right on. I’ll definitely keep that upgrade in mind.

Always enjoy hearing about when good things happen to people…


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Too old as composite and too old in primitive composite.

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