Buy now inflation is hitting

Inflation especially with oil will drive prices up fast. I think the boating industry will be hammered with cost of materials and fuels prices for power boats at the dock will put a real damper on the industry. Composites and plastic kayaks jumping big also. Even freight cost are nuts. They said shipping containers from china were 2,000 each. Now they’re 16,000 to LA and 19,000 to east coast. They better pack them tightly. People with boats say 42’ Boston Whaler and 600 gallon tank will cringe at 3 grand plus fill ups.

I can’t even get some parts from Current Designs for to plus months. CD pricing should be out now or soon for next year.

Glad I already ordered my next canoe, deposit paid and price set.

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I deal with “inflation” by buying float toys instead of air bags to cram inside my kayaks. He he he…

Everyone makes decisions on the value of their life daily.

I think “buy now” is good advice that may apply to a lot of things.