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One mans quest to buy a new (or used) white water canoe drives him to the edge…

I have always wanted to learn to paddle a OC-1, and because I am moving at the end of summer I thought I might try to trade in my 2 white water boats on a new or used open boat. I only have room on the car for one boat, so this seemed reasonable.

Then came the hours in front of a computer. Every sight wants you to pay a fee befor you post an ad, ebay is intimidating, and dealers sights are a mess.

Any advice on buying or selling will be welcome, but plese don’t tell me I am over my head paddling a OC-1


why would anyone here suggest that you’d be over your head in an open canoe?

not sure

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I don't know, but it seams to happen a lot. I guess it usually comes from people my age, who can't imagine running whitewater with any less than 2 carbonfiber blades
plus people on this message board like to get as far of topic as possible so I thought I might head them off.
So long as we are off topic though, ever paddle any white water in cantral NY?

a little

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Did the Esopus from Phonecia to Boiceville and all of the listed sections of the Catskill Creek except behind the Woodstock Dam (never wanted to to portage around that broken old thing).

The Esopus was a lot of fun. Would love to do it again. The Catskill creek was also a lot of fun but some sections are remote and seldom run making them a little dodgy.

Love the Catskill creek because depending on the day it is either great fishing in the village of Catskill or the WW is running upstream. Favorite section is the Woodstock dam to South Cairo.


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Buy Sell
You can place adds here for free. I had good luck selling a kayak some years back. The only down side is that I keep finding all of these great deals on the left coast. has free classifieds and targets the northeast. It’s mostly whitewater kayakers but not exclusively. caters to whitewater canoeist and also has free classifieds. It reaches a world wide audience but there is a strong east coast contingent so you might find something local.

When you say OC-1 are you talking whitewater or outrigger?

I know nothing of the outrigger scene but used whitewater canoes are scarcer than hens teeth. They’re out there but you really have to keep looking.


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I am planing on running the esopus this saturday. The KCCNY race is this weekend so railroad rapid is closed, but I have never seen a white water race so it should be fun. If you are interested I would love to have some one along who has run it befor (I also need a second car for the shutle). We were planing on doing from the portel to Boiceville

This sites ads good. Craigslist good.
Local club sites and papers are good.

I have bought and sold a lot via this site’s classifieds, although it seems I have gravitated away from using them. Craig’s List good as well as I am near three major markets.

Second best resource for my buying and selling has always been local club sites and local papers that support free ads.

I do happen to have a Dagger Impulse I have been considering selling for $550. Will have to check with paddler I promised first refusal rights to before I offer it though. Let me know if this is one you would be interested in or not.

Happy Hunting,



Might also try
The NOC - they have used open boats from time to time. If all else fails you could wait for their customer appreciation festival in the fall - it’s lots of fun and there are tons of deals on all kinds of boats. Might be a bit of a drive for you, but it’s pretty country along the way.

ask on
Go to with your question. Best resource on the net for single blade whitewater paddling.

I spent nearly a year looking for a used OC that was in decent shape and reasonably priced. Most likely all you’re going to find are Mohawk Probes and Dagger Impulses. The more desirable models people tend to keep until they fall apart.

NH AMC paddlers

Lots of open boaters in the club, and the free email newsletter has “For sale” listings.

Check out this web site.

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They have a couple used ones for sale and they are in upstate NY. Might be a good way to get a taste of it. They also ship if you don't want to drive.

Sorry I don't know how to make it a link.

KCCNY race
There are generally some boats for sale at the KCCNY races, and aking around will likely turn up some leads.

trade in
what about trading in my old boats at a dealer (Mountainman outdoors). Will I get any thing for them?

would love to join you
but I’ll be in pittsburgh this weekend. Have fun and good luck finding that OC1.

Paddling over your head
will do NO good. You’ve got to get the paddle in the WATER. You can injure your shoulder when paddling overhead, and you’ll make little progress.

some other time
we should paddle in the catskills some other time, I can always use another person on the water (and there car).


you should give Alex a call from NPMB
He is always looking for folks to paddle with in the Catskills. If you’d like his number, shoot me an email (he has a car).

I worked in the Catskills two years ago, but now I hardly get back. Damn shame, I love the place.