Buy This Cell Phone

A friend stopped by to return a ladder this evening. While he was here, he told me that a few days ago he went swimming and was in the water for a half hour before he remembered his cell phone was in his pocket. He shook it out, put a hair dryer to it (on low) and then put it in front of his air conditioner overnight. In the morning, it still wouldn’t turn on, so he changed the battery. It turned on the everything works fine. The phone is an LG Voyager (which is a pretty cool name if you’re a paddler.)

Casio Brigade
Not trying to hijack the thread, but he could have done the same thing with a Casio Brigade without all the additional work of drying it out, changing the battery, etc. Even take pictures underwater.

Motorola Tundra
waterproof to 10 ft. Have not had to dry it out on the dashboard on the way home yet. Good reception in remote areas too.