Buying 1st canoe advice

Hi I’m looking to buy my 1st canoe and there’s one on Craigslist in New Hampshire and someone is selling an “Adirondack” 16’foot canoe for $425. Problem is apparently the company name is actually Adirondack so it’s not easy to find any info about it online. He thinks We-No-Nah might have bought out the company but he’s not sure.

If anyone recognizes this canoe and has any info about it I would appreciate it. I’m looking for a canoe do to part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail with…



Contact info for Adirondack Canoes

It’s here in the pnet reviews.

I don’t know if they are still in business.

Perhaps the one you are looking at is 16’6? If so it could be this one

Looks like a decent canoe in the craigslist ad.

all I can add is that Wenonah does make a canoe called the Adirondack. Good boat.

Not a Wenonah
This canoe is definitely not a Wenonah Adirondack. It has recurved ends and the Wenonah Adirondack has angled stems.

There is a listing in the 1988 Canoe Magazine Buyers Guide for Adirondack Canoes by Glocester Boat Sales of Chepachet Rhode Island. There was no listing in the 1990 Buyers Guide or any i have after that. Their canoes are listed as having a full length keel reinforced with a galvanized steel tube encased in the fiberglass hull. All hulls are listed as hand laid glass, the 16’6" is listed at 78# and it sold for $625 msp. The listed dimensions are 37" wide, 23" deep at the ends and 14" deep in the center.

I don’t believe Glocester Boat Sales made these canoes. A note below their Buyers Guide listing says they will only respond to inquiries from the North East. Their canoes may have been private labels from a manufacturer in the south or midwest or Canada and they worked a deal using their own brand in the northeast only to not compete with their manufacturer.

Construction and design are very traditional, a fiberglass version of a Wood & Canvas canoe like the Old Town Guide.

The asking price is higher than i would pay, but its a better canoe than what you would get new in a plastic canoe like a Pelican or Rogue River for the money.


HIN number
try to get the Hull Identification Number from the seller. It will be on a tag, or molded or engraved into the hull, on the right side at the stern. The first letters of this number are a code for the manufacturer of the hull and the numbers that follow give the date of manufacture and a serial number of production.


I don’t know anything about the canoe
… but I like the hull shape .

Looks to have slight rocker , nice chines , probably a mild arch bottom , semi wide (full) bow and stern , maybe a tad of tumblehome , good volume … sure looks like it will clean up nice too . I’d even be willing to bet it paddles nice on mountain river currents .

If I wear shopping , I’d definately go see it in person with $$ in my hand , get a feel for it’s weight , check it’s skins for anything serious , check the thwarts for soft wood at the under gunnel attach points … and 400. wouldn’t bother me if I liked it and it was a hand laid cloth and ester construction … (or Royalex) . I’ve seen quite a few people advertise Royalex as fiberglass , why I can’t say (or just don’t want to) .