Buying 1st kayak

Looking to buy my first kayak. I’m 66, in good shape & a beginner. I have a space problem & have a PT Cruiser Convertible. I narrowed it down to 2 choices: the OK Prowler Trident 11 ($659) & the Emotion Temptation 10.3 ft ($5.79).

Want to use strictly for recreation (no fishing) Paddle about for 3 hours in flat water (St Lucie River Treasure Coast, FL.

Does anyone know if I can put a kayak on top of my convertible? If not, I can fit it in the car with the top down.

The Trident is 54lbs & the Temptation is 44lbs. Demo’d both & liked both. Is there much difference in tracking between both boats & is there any other items I should be aware of.

Any recommendations or advise would be appreciated.

Since you don’t fish
you shouldn’t be looking at fishing kayaks. Not sure what the Emotion is designed for but the Trident is a fishing platform. Fishing kayaks are very stable but a lot like a barge. Not so great for flat water paddling. Try some sit in kayaks before you buy anything, they tend to be lighter than fishing boats.

1st kayak
Thanks for the advice. The reason I’m looking at a SOT is because of the Florida heat & you can get out to swim & back in again easier. The Temptation is a fun boat & is light enough to carry & put in the back of my convertible

A member of my paddling group has a rag top and uses a light aluminum trailer to haul the boat. It may be more of a project than you want, finding the right trailer and adding a hitch to your car but it would make loading any kayak easy and you could bring a friend along for the ride. Sit on tops do make sense in warm areas though.

1st kayak
Have you heard of anyone putting the yak on the converible top? Too much trouble & space problems for a trailer

Aside from dumping the car :slight_smile:
Just get an Ocean Kayak SOT, stick it nose down in the back seat area (top down for the convertible, of course) and pretend you are a surfer. Pile the other gear around it and go for it.

Look at Bic
Check out the Bic SOTs in the buyer’s guide. I had a Scapa for a while and it was well made and not as bargy as a typical fishing kayak. The Bilbao is about the size of what you had in mind - there’s also a semi-hard-shell folder.

Just so you know…
I realize that you’re not looking for this type of boat (though you may change your mind once you see it!), but there are ways around transport issues with long boats and small cars:

Now there’s a fine boat you can put in your passenger seat! :slight_smile:


1st kayak
Just bought the Emotion Temptation after demo. Lots of fun. If I will outgrow, I’ll pass it on to my wife

1st kayak
Gorgeous boat! A bit too expensive for my budget. I’ll stick with the Temptation.