Buying 1st used kayak

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Buying first used kayak, I live in San Francisco Bay area, I looking at a used 2007 Necky Looksha V Sea Kayak, it looks in good shape, etc, new seat, etc person is asking $575, is this too high of a price??
Me: new to sea kayaking, really like it, I am medium built, not looking for best boat as of now, I have membership at local kayak place in San Francisco/
I have used one of these kayaks at the place I am a member, I like it,
Any suggestions or comments would really appreciate it.

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That’s not a bad price. I bought a silmilar vintage used Looksha for my brother 6 years ago for $600 (sale included a good Werner paddle as well). Neckys are a bit heavy but that’s because they are very sturdy hulls.

You’ve already checked off a couple of the most important aspects in seeking a boat, in that you’ve used this model before and liked it and you’ve inspected this one and it is in good shape and fits you. Lookshas are a solid, versatile kayak that was long a choice of outfitters — hard to go wrong with one. Once you have the skills and experience it is a boat you can use in coastal conditions as well as lakes and rivers.

You can read the user reviews of the model too to gain more insight in their experience with it.

Added: I notice there are no user reviews here for the Looksha V and I admit I don’t know how it compares with the Looksha 17 (the model I got my brother). But there are quite a few other reviews if you Google it and all agree that it’s a great performing boat that is stable and responsive, even in challenging conditions. Only recurring complaint is the 65 pound weight. But that’s trade off for a tough hull.


Not a bad price, assuming it all works. I usually look for between 1/3rd and 2/3rd of new price for used boats. if they are throwing anything in with it (skirt, paddle, etc.), that adds to it.

Side note - Looksha V and Looksha 17 are the same boat, just they changed the name. The original name was the V, which was the fifth version of the Looksha. Then they came out with a bunch of different sized boats under Looksha brand, so named based on length (Looksha 14, Looksha 17, etc.).

If you haven’t yet, check out Bay Area Sea Kayaks as the local club ( Opportunities to paddle with others, education opportunities, social opportunities. Most of the good stuff is behind the membership pay wall (so you have to become a member to see it).


Loved my Looksha (17ft) which was my first kayak. That hull seems huge for you if you are a medium build. Learning to roll will be interesting as you bounce around in the spacious cockpit. I was 6’1" 180 lbs when I owned the Looksha and found it to be too big for me. If you like the kayak, get it and learn how to paddle. It is a good kayak.

Since you are in the SF Bay area, being able to do rescues will be important. Make sure your 1st kayak has perimeter deck lines which are important for out of the cockpit & rescue events.

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I have 2 friends that own Lookshas. Ray owns a 5 and Jim owns a 4. I have paddled the 4 and I think highly of it. Multi-chine and easy to roll, but has good stability on edge. Ray’s 5 is not one I have paddled. He is 6’ 2" and is 280 pounds, so the 5 is just right for him
They are poly kayaks and very rugged and so other then extreme damage there is a high probability the one you are looking at is 100% good to go as far as the hull is concerned. The bulkheads often need re-sealing, but that’s easy to do.
Check the hatch covers and also check out the rudder, foot controls and the cables.

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If you do get that Looksha and it turns out to need any repairs or accessory replacements, Top Kayaker has a lot of of parts stocked for vintage Neckys.