buying a canoe

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I am looking for a canoe. From what I can tell not to many people sell used royalex canoes. People keep them forever. Is this a pretty safe assumption?

Yep, hord them. Worth weight in gold.
Want one? How much gold ya got? ;^)

Actually there are quite a few sold and traded. Just keep your eyes open and ask as well.

Paddlers do tend to keep extra Royalex hulls more than composite one as they cost less and therefore easier to justify extra one or three.

I have two for sale, maybe three, just never advertised them, see paragraph above. ;^)

If the right person asks I’ll part with them.

Good Luck,



There are a half dozen of them for
sale under the “Classified Ads”.

I got a fantastic deal on an Old Town Penobscot at the beginning of last year.

Two years old and in perfect condition and I got it for half price.

Keep your eyes open and you can find one.



Yep, they are out there!
I sold two this year - a Nova Craft Bob Special and an Old Town Pack - both royalex - one a tandem and one a solo.

Check the classified here and check Ebay now and then. Also Google local canoe clubs. Many of them have classified ads.

buying canoe
Hey man, I dont kow if the first message got to you. What kind of boats and how much. looking for a 15 or 16 ft.

Sorry but your right!
My Royalex Mad River Guide is not and will not be for sale. It’s an 01 in the much favored but now unavailable Sand motif. Keep looking for your boat dude. Royalex ain’t nothing but plastic.

Outfitted the whole family from PNet
classifieds. I got an Old Town Pathfinder (14’10) and my cousin is dealing on a Mad River as we speak, I think. Keep an eye on the classifieds here, even the guys that buy Royalex new like to trade up from time to time.

Impulse and WildFire. Little short of
what you are looking for. Sorry.

Did you e-mail me?