Buying a Cooler

I am looking at getting a cooler; Around $100 would be about right. Is there a difference between Igloo, Coleman and other brands in that rang?

Is this price point reasonable? I would rather not have to get a new one every couple of years (which is why I am not looking at the $20 models).


PS - Thanks for reading this - the least interesting post on the board!

I know a couple of serious fishermen who really like the Igloo marine coolers, which have more insulation and better hardware than the standard series.

I appreciate the tip. Usually, I would never carry a cooler, ice or anything else that big and heavy, but I have a trip planned with no portages!

Thanks again.

Igloo Marine coolers at West Marine

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Igloo Marine
I just bought an igloo marine last weekend. I think the Coleman ultimate would be a fine cooler as well. The key, in my opinion, is to get the right size. I got a 36 quart; up from my old Gott that was an 18 quart. There are two of us now and the 18 couldn’t fit it all in. I borrowed a 50 and had way too much empty air space. You want to fill your cooler…this isn’t a place for overkill, empty space is wasted cold.

Have a great trip!!


The Igloo Max Cold and Coleman Extreme both will hold ice for 5 days. I love my max cold cooler. It’s great to not have to replenish the ice for an entire outing.

100 Bucks
That’s mighty pricey for a cooler. I have a Coleman stainless that cost that much and it’s rugged. I wouldn’t go that route if I were you. To start with you’d be packing the extra weight of the cooler. One suggestion is find some soft sided coolers. One big one could hold a few smaller ones. That way you get one insulation while saving on weight. I’ve gane that and it works.

get the coleman marine cooler
70 quart from k-mart everyday price is 40.00, a much better fitting lid than the igloos,it stays much colder ,longer I also use a double layer of poolcover plastic to fill any air void.

I have a Rubbermaid that I inherited.
It is much better than any Coleman I ever had.

Add Jargon!

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I did a bit of on-line comparison shopping and it really is frustrating all the jargon they use. Even the same company will not compare their own products fairly. I am leaning toward the coleman marine 100 quart, as it is the perfect size in my canoe. I don't know, though, if this is as "cool" as the ultimate-extreme-over-the-top-utmost-super-cooler they now offer. I sent Coleman an e-mail, so we will see what they have to say.

I think Igloo looks really good, but there are no dealers in my area.

Thanks for all the advice, everyone (I know coolers are less fun than boats and paddles - but we must eat!)